Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Double Layered Collar

I love a good collar, whether it's a peter pan or a scalloped edge, I'm on board. So when Cleo Ferin Mercury got in touch to ask if I'd like to style up one of her detachable collars, I of course said yes!

It's so beautiful in real life, the softest silk and the brightest blues, it would look just as good on its own. I probably wouldn't though! I teamed it up with a white Mango shirt to make a double layered collar which I'm a little bit in love with.

Be sure to have a look at Cleo's website there some absolutely beautiful pieces there and quite a few are on sale at the moment, perfect time to treat yourself!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Sponsored Video: Benefit They're Real! Push Up Liner

I'm a creature of habit, if I find a perfume that I like, I'll stick with it for years and years. The same goes with how I look, my eyes have been lined with black, from kohl and liquid eyeliner to shadow and gel liner, my eyes have had it all. I've spent years trying to find a product that suits me perfectly, gone through countless pots of potential but not quite found my perfect match.

My eye make up routine was first revolutionised when I had a consultation with a MAC make up artist at London Fashion Week last season, I asked for a vamped up version of what I was already wearing (my standard every day look plus red lipstick, like in the photo above!) so she went to work. I used to use black eye shadow under my bottom lashes, but by the end of the day it would have all but disappeared. She suggested using gel liner on the bottom lashes and I haven't looked back since, I literally went straight to the MAC shop and bought myself a little pot of gel liner!

My next problem was to tackle my top lid and lashes, my first stop was Benefit as pretty much all of the rest of my make up bag is from Benefit (seriously, I'm like a walking advert) so tried out the Magic Ink Liner. Although the liner worked a treat, it stays on through all kind of weather and exercise but I really didn't get on with the brush, it was really difficult to get my usual flicks even, smooth and to my liking, so I stopped using it altogether.

Finally, there's a new product that bridges the gap between liquid eyeliner and gel liner, that is SO easy to use. It is an absolute dream, the tip is designed so you can get precision wing tips and cat eyes by pretty much just stamping them on! The tip also gently pushes eyelashes out of the way so you can get super close to your lash line, genius huh? I've included a pic below just to show you how it works. There's also no need for a brush, just a few clicks and the gel is dispensed from the tip, no mess! About two clicks should do both of your eyes as well, lovely stuff.

Not only that, it's waterproof so perfect for rainy Manchester, sweating it out at the gym or at a festival, exactly what I need.

Take a look at the video below to see it in action, as it says, it's criminally easy!

This video was sponsored by Benefit but all opinions are my own.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Pretty in Pink

Dress c/o French Connection, Lipstick from Essence

I'm slowly building up my Summer wardrobe in preparation for when the Manchester rain decides to stop and give us all a chance to get some much needed sunshine, I definitely shouldn't be the same colour as my new party dress!

Today is all about the bake sale I've organised at work to help fund raise for The Man's 100km charity walk in a couple of weeks. I've spent the last couple of evening baking my little heart out until the wee hours making blondies, rocky road and sausage rolls, head over to my Instagram if you fancy a cheeky look at what baking I've been up to!

If anyone is in Brighton on the weekend of the 25th and fancies meeting up, let me know as I'll be on support duty for the 100km walk and may need some entertaining!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Just Keep Swimming

Just keep swimming, and running, and going to classes, and generally looking pathetic at the gym. This has been my life (apart from a slight blip last weekend when there was too much cake and/or wine...) for the past month or so as I try (nearly) my hardest to get ready for the We Love Manchester 10k this Sunday. The fact that it is this Sunday scares me a little bit, I don't feel anywhere near ready but I'm hoping that adrenalin kicks in and all the supporters will keep me going!

One of my favourite ways of making the gym more interesting/bearable is new clothes! The newest addition to my swimwear collection is this perfectly practical but equally chic one piece swimsuit from David, it super flattering (which is a must when you're a little too chubby for a bikini like I am), really supportive and a little bit sexy with the scooped, low back. I can't wait to expand my swimsuit collection even more, every summer I get a bit obsessed...

If you have any 10k or running tips, please let me know, I'm dreading it at the moment! Or if you're doing it too, let me know and we can cheer each other on!

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Checkout Chic

Dress from Florence and Fred, shoes from Stylist Pick

This weekend has been an odd one, from filming the new TV advert with Boohoo on Friday in Manchester/NYC (you might just see my arm in it somewhere!) to being woken up at ungodly hours by The Man as he left to walk a ridiculously long way. Somewhere in between I met up with my friend Naomi for a catch up, too much food and too many cocktails, I was planning to wear this checked dress but we decided to start a little earlier which meant this was substituted for jeans and a top! I still wanted to show it off though, not only is it a pretty nice dress, it fits me like a glove and was only £5 from Tesco, win!

I need to get planning my outfits for Latitude Festival too, it's only a couple of weeks away now! So if you have any suggestions, please let me know, I always end up wearing something wholly unsuitable like leather skirts and wedges... Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Channeling Marilyn Monroe

Swimwear and underwear is my favourite, I have way too much of both but I just can't get enough! This little beauty is the newest addition to my collection and it's fast become my favourite.

The last time I was in London, I took some time out from reporting from LC:M for Coggles and ventured over to the new Heidi Klein pop up shop in Covent Garden (just down the street from Paul Smith) to meet the team and pick up a little something new!

I don't really have a 'bikini body', well not from this era anyway. My body is more1950's vintage than Topshop, but there's always swimwear to suit every shape. I think this bikini is my perfect match, it makes me feel like Marilyn Monroe, hugs my curves and doesn't make me feel fat, hoorah!

The bow is so cute and makes the plunge top a little less raunchy and a little more sexy. I just need to go on holiday to show it off, it needs a tan and bright blue sea for it to look amazing. I'm pretty sure it will be wasted at the gym...

Take a look at the Heidi Klein Bow Bikini here (it's not out in white just yet, but this is a link to the navy one) and to swoon over the rest of the range, take a look at the site here.


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